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Calendar: Accredited Schools Events

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This Calendar allows CDET Accredited Schools to promote performances and showcases to the public. As well as times and dates, the Calendar features venue addresses, ticket prices, and contact information for booking tickets. Click on the Calendar on the right hand-side for more details.

Live performance is the engine which drives the dance, drama and musical theatre worlds. CDET is immensely proud of the passion and commitment demonstrated by the Accredited Schools for quality training and artistic excellence. Supporting the performers and teachers of tomorrow, they provide students with every opportunity to prepare for a successful career in the professional performing arts, showcasing their talents and creativity at dedicated showcase events.

We invite the industry and public to attend the performances listed in the Calendar and welcome all in celebrating the enormous contribution CDET members make to the sustainability and international profile of the UK creative industries.  

CDET’s Events Calendar now includes summer courses and open days

Though the summer term has ended with many looking forward to some well deserved rest and relaxation, there are also those of us who are searching for ways of utilising the precious spare time to gain an advantage going into the new academic year. To support those dancers with itchy feet, CDET has now included summer courses on the Events Calendar!

Also, for those students looking for the perfect place to study towards a career in dance, drama and musical theatre, the Calendar now includes Open days too! Click on the Calendar on the right to see full listings.