The Council for Dance Education and Training (CDET) provides quality assurance for the professional dance: Council for Dance Education and Training. Old Brewer's Yard 17-19 Neal Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9UY:

Quality Assurance

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CDET's mission is to promote excellence in dance, drama and musical theatre education, training and assessment. We achieve this through being the quality assurance body of the sector. Many of CDET's member institutions are amongst the most prestigious in the UK. Current members include professional training schools, awarding organisations, industry bodies and individuals with a range of expertise in dance, musical theatre, education, assessment and training. 

The overarching description of each classification, related categories and accompanying inspection or evaluation processes are as follows.




Inspection process

Institutional Members

  • have undertaken full institutional inspection and programme scrutiny by CDET
  • are quality assured and confirmed by CDET as meeting the highest industry and institutional standards for the delivery of provision in dance, drama and musical theatre education, assessment and training.

This classification includes CDET's presently Accredited and Validated Members, including:

  • Professional schools and colleges
  • Awarding organisations.

Institutional status typically involves submission of self-evaluation documentation by the applicant and a two day visit of the organisation by three industry consultants. Full Institutional Membership confirms organisational quality and industry support.


  • have undertaken programme scrutiny and inspection of relevant accompanying management by CDET
  • are committed to working with CDET to develop the highest standards of programme provision in performing arts education and training.

This classification includes the following  programmes:

Affiliate status typically involves submission of self-evaluation documentation by the applicant organisation and a one-day inspection of the relevant programme by one or two industry consultants, depending on category. If successful, the Affiliate will subsequently undergo an annual monitoring visit.

Recognised Awards' holders

  • have undertaken desk-based checks by CDET
  • promote the appropriate requirements for teachers and support students' progression in dance, drama and musical theatre education

This is based on the  Recognised Awards Scheme covering:

Holders of a Recognised Award undertake a 'self-certification' process with desk-based checks of submitted papers carried out by a member of CDET office staff.

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