The Council for Dance Education and Training (CDET) provides quality assurance for the professional dance: Council for Dance Education and Training. Old Brewer's Yard 17-19 Neal Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9UY:


Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, Ian Smith

Supporting the performers, students and teachers of tomorrow, CDET ensures that professional training and assessment remains always at the forefront of arts provision nationwide.

We have proudly served the sector since 1979, working closely with member schools, awarding organisations and industry bodies to ensure standards remain at a level that secures the supply of quality practitioners for the future. CDET also lobbies authorities about issues of funding and policy on behalf of our membership.

Three classifications are offered, as follows.

  • Institutional members are quality assured and confirmed by CDET as meeting the highest industry and institutional standards for the delivery of provision in dance, drama and musical theatre education, assessment and training
  • Affiliates are committed to working with CDET to develop the highest standards of programme provision in performing arts education and training
  • Recognised Awards' holders promote the appropriate requirements for teachers and support students' progression in dance, drama and musical theatre education through participation in the scheme.
Institutional Members
Accredited Professional Schools
Validated Awarding Organisations
Affiliate  Programmes
Recognised Awards Scheme

Pre-vocational Schools





The diagram above highlights how CDET's previously described AMS and Corporate classificationsare amalgamated into a single status titled Affiliates. This status assures courses and programmes only. Full Institutional Membership continues to confirm organisational quality through Accredited Professional Schools and Validated Awarding Organisations.

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